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November 17, 2010

Who Knows Me Better Than Me?

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Self Love tattoo

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I’ve reinvented myself.  I’ve learned to love myself like no one else can.  I know my own wants and desires.  I know my own strengths and weaknesses.  Who can possibly know me better than I know myself?  Who can possibly know what’s best for me?  And who could possibly love me more than I love myself?   Who do I need anyway?

It’s always the same emotion.  Feeling of euphoria washes over me because all of it is so new.  But how new is it really?  Seems to be the same old same old to me.  Disappointment lurks around the corner and I already know it, but I pay no attention.  I rush straight through the red lights.  Pay no attention to the warning signs.  It’s amazing how I always want so badly to be with the wrong person that I still can’t seem to set my eyes on how beautiful real love will be with the right person.  How do I get so blindsided?  Why can’t I learn from my mistakes?  Crazy how we’re all supposed to learn from our mistakes but it seems I’m the only one who has to have more than one experience and I still don’t get it. 

This thing called love comes full circle.  Some believable and others just full-out lies.  Who needs it anyway?  If I’m going to dissect love  from the beginning, is it worth it in the end?  Is disappointment behind door number 1?  2? 3?  It’s somewhere.  Always is.  Promises made only to be broken.  See, that’s why I should need only me.  I know if I don’t expect more of myself than I’m willing to give myself, I will never be disappointed.   Only I know the chances I should take.  Only I know the depth of my feelings.  And only I know how selfish I am to hold back.  I know ME.  Just WHO is worthy of knowing me too?

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  1. BS!!! U are not the only one that has repeated mistakes and not learned from them! I have yet to get/see this clarity u receive via learning from such drama. You are not alone! Tell your mum hi!

    Comment by jeff — November 17, 2010 @ 1:41 AM | Reply

    • Just how many more “experiences”/ mistakes before I learn? Do ppl really learn anyway?

      Comment by powerofwordsandwisdom — November 17, 2010 @ 2:27 AM | Reply

      • thats a excellent question for which i have no answer. im finally over my divorce, and my ex wife. but that took over a year and quite honestly im curious as to how shes doing as i havent spoke to her in that amount of time. only way you can show how you have learn is by not repeating the same mistakes with the same type of people over again. well, as far as this whole topic goes.

        Comment by jeff — November 21, 2010 @ 11:30 PM

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